8 WH

Before processing any work, Inter PAC always makes sure that everything will go right and settled in the target within quality-safety-cost-time. Therefore, 8 WH question must be clarified and also the questions must be answered with understanding. All from client, Inter PAC’s management procedure, Inter PAC staffs and all other who involved.

Such examples of 8 WH, the followings are the kind of questions which need proper answers…

What :“What” the project is?

When :“When” the project starts and finishes? For plan a working schedule in limited time.

Where :“Where” the project is? To collect all site information such as climate change, geography and facilities support that will affect the project.

Why :“Why” the project has to be built?

Who/Whom :“Who” is the constructor for each kind of work? To find a suitable constructor who will control and take care of all parts of the project to be finished in time and budget.

How :“How” to construct? This includes technical term studying and professional consulting for the fast, sufficient and suitable for site and resources.

How much :“How much” does it cost? It is important to limit the project cost and plan for a payment schedule.