Our family

Over 30 years in the profession, today InterPAC has 178 full-time staffs altogether and more than 30% of our staffs work with us for more than ten years. We do have many professions work together and mostly came from variety of universities. It is our advantage that we know each other perfectly well and we know how to work as a team, with a Contrast in Harmony Philosophy.

Board of Director

Mr.Yodyiam  Teptaranon

Mr.Jerasak   Prachgosin

Mr.Pradid   Seongam

Mr.Pichai   Chooprasit


56 Architects

1 Interior Designer

74 Structural and Environmental Engineers

23 Electrical –Communication Engineers

23 Mechanical Engineers

1 Industrial Engineer

13 Construction Managements and Technicians 

18 Administrations and Finance